Troll Mountain: Episode 1 - Matthew Reilly

A dauntless young hero.

An army of brutal monsters.

An impossible quest.

Journey to the mountain...


Matthew Reilly has an amazing talent of getting straight into the good stuff. Which is what I believe makes him such a great author.


I loved the book (eBook, technically). It seems to have just about everything! You have Trolls, a form of Goblins, tribes and even hints of civilized "intelligent" who fought wars and traveled by sea. It's a very fast paced book and in fact only takes a day to read, yet you feel like you really understood the world it's based in... In a matter of a short few sentences. Reilly always manages to take an ordinary person and turn them into the unexpected hero. Which is something I really like! Also, the people you think are the heroes usually turn out to be a bad guy somehow.


I strongly recommend this book/eBook to anyone who enjoys a good fast paced thriller, with a slight hint of fantasy and the dawn of new heroes! Also I recommend any of his other books!


Here's a few!


  • Ice Station
  • Contest
  • Temple
  • Hell Island