Kindle Unlimited and ebook subscriptions

Last week Amazon introduced a new subscription service called Kindle Unlimited. For $9.99 a month, you can read as many ebooks as you want from their Kindle Unlimited library.


I was pretty excited when I learned of this. I have heard of other ebook subscription services like Oyster and Scribd, but they haven't strongly caught my attention. However since I own a Kindle, Amazon jumping in and doing their own thing is hard to ignore. It was tempting to sign up since my local library's Overdrive site isn't all that great. Most of the time they don't have what I'm looking for, and when they do, there's usually a waiting list so I can't read it right away. Bummer.


But after thinking it over, I won't be signing up for Kindle Unlimited or any ebook subscription... for now.


For one I have plenty of my own books to keep me occupied. I got a huge stack of paperbacks on my nightstand so I definitely should read those first! And I can read those while I wait for any holds I have on Overdrive. Right now I'm currently number 10 out of 26 patrons on the waiting list for The Giver! Hopefully I can read it in time for the movie.


I also like to use Open Library. Did you know you can check out ebooks from there? It's trickier for the Kindle since the files are in epub or pdf format so you gotta get an app to read those. But I use Open Library from time to time, and they have a lot to choose from! I think a lot of it is older stuff. Not super old but let's say you're not going to find new releases here.


Additionally, I don't mind paying for ebooks if it's something I desperately want to read, and there's no way no how in borrowing it. I don't buy too often anyways, and usually the stuff I want hasn't been that expensive.


I think it's best and cheaper for me to stick to what I'm doing now, but I will be keeping an eye on these services. It will be interesting to see how they evolve and if they improve.