Insurgent Quick Rant

Insurgent - Veronica Roth

I'm really disappointed in this book... I've just seen the movie preview and I must say that, that looks disappointing too...


I really think that Roth should have made Divergent a stand alone. It was a great read. This book was boring and kinda seems pointless... Especially if they're not even going to stick to it with the movie... (What's with the box!?)


The character changes and for me, it makes me like her less, she turns into the complete opposite of who she is in Divergent. Which sucks cause she was so likable in the first book. Tris and Four seem to be arguing the whole time. 


Overall, I don't think the second book needed to be written. Slow, confusing, painful... Disappointing. 


What's better... I heard the last book is just as weird! Joys ^.^