The Eye of the World - Robert Jordan

Well! Here I go, starting the Wheel of Time series! It's going to be long, but I hope enjoyable! 


I was kind of taking my time with starting a new fantasy series after I had just finished Raymond E. Feist's series The Serpentwar Saga and before that The Riftwar Saga ... It feels so weird to start another epic fantasy! Like I grew so attached to the Serpent and Riftwar sagas that I wasn't even sure if I wanted to start another series that hasn't got anything to do with Midkemia. I'm also slowly buying all of Mr. Feist's books...! 


But I'm only up to chapter 3 in The Eye of the World. I'm already starting to enjoy it, so maybe I was worried about nothing! I's showing great potential!! *Thumbs Up!* 


Have you guys read the series or maybe the first couple of books? If so did you enjoy them?